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PPPD-320 – English subbed That Summer Was Sizzling Hot JULIA As I said, the protagonist is Julia, a married lady who lives together with a drunk husband. A violent dude who drinks too much and that often hits her (implied) and torment her life. One day, a male student neighbor stops by at Julia house to ask her for help and Julia helps him with a meal. They quickly connect as they see a mutual reflection of each others in the opposite. I think this tormented wife role fitted Julia well. Also probably because it fits her… acting range.
Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Julia
– DVD ID: PPPD-320
– Release Date: Oct. 12, 2014
– Runtime: 120min. (HD: 120min.)
– Studio: OPPAI
– Label: OPPAI
– s178-subjav-PPPD-320

PPPD-320 That Summer Was Sizzling Hot JULIA (English subbed)
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